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Free Range, All Natural and Hormone Free Chicken Supreme


Air-chilled and hand-cut to order, our chicken supreme is a boneless chicken breast with the first wing and skin left on. The bone and skin really give this cut a ton of juiciness and flavour, plus that extra crispiness you won’t get with plain skinless chicken breast.



To ensure you have the freshest product,  all fresh chicken orders have a two-day lead time.


231080   Chicken Supreme Stuffed Spinach & Feta 8oz - 20/250GM
231086   Chicken Supreme Stuffed Spinach & Goat Cheese 8oz - 20/250GM
231224   Chicken Supreme 9-11oz Skin On Cryo Vac Packed - 25/250GM
231403   Chicken Supreme 6oz Skin On French - 25/140GM
231404   Chicken Supreme 6oz Skin On - 25/170GM
231408   Chicken Supreme Stuff 8oz Red Pepper & Goat Cheese - 20/250GM
231409   Chicken Supreme 9-11oz Skin On - 25/250GM
231411   Chicken Supreme 9-11 Pieces - 1/6.25KG
231412   Chicken Supr 6oz Fillet Vac Packed - 25/170GM
231413   Chicken Supreme 7-9oz Skin On - 25/227GM
231414   Chicken Supreme 7-9oz Skin On Cryo Vac Packed - 25/227GM







Grille and Galley Chicken Supreme Cooked with Vegetables