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Serving Hotels and Resorts
Helping You Meet Hospitality Expectations


The hotel, resort and specialized hospitality sector has unique conditions: any time of day could be "customer time." Whether you're a seasonal or year-round business, Flanagan's can help you serve your guests as they expect. Big or small, your business may operate seasonally and with temporary and occasional staffing. As Canada's largest Canadian-owned independent foodservice distributor, Flanagan's has the product line and expertise to take care of your foodservice needs - while you see to the needs of your guests.




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Any time... any part of the day


When it comes to foodservice, we know the demands of three day-parts—morning, noon and night—as well as 24-hour room service, banquets, special business and leisure functions that you are responsible for.


We help you serve a variety of guests and within your budget.


Room Service delivery at hotel

Servicing your varying service styles


Coffee shops, snack bars, lounges, buffets, private meeting rooms, full dining room service; whatever the dining format you offer your guests, we have a product solution that allows you to give them what they want, whether you're fully booked or needing a foodservice program for slower times.



Flanagan Foodservice Hotels and Resorts

Build better business with your food and beverage operations


We understand the food and beverage component of your hospitality business must be lean and managed tightly; that you need to get the most out of it, no matter what the season. With our food products and the service you provide, you can satisfy your guests and help ensure they will return.


We can support your goals with excellent products and cost-efficiency so you can generate as much revenue as possible.





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