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Online Payments


If you like the fast convenient service of paying your bills online, things just got a little simpler for you. You can pay your invoices from Flanagan Foodservice through your online banking service or at the Automated Teller Machine, (ATM).


It's as easy as 1-2-3


  1. If you are already banking online all you will need is to add Flanagan Foodservice as a Bill Payee. Once you hit the Add Payee button you will scroll through the alphabetical list of companies. Highlight and enter Flanagan Foodservice and it will now be part of your customized list of Payees.

  2. You will then be asked for your account number, enter in your five digit Flanagan Foodservice account number.

  3. You can now pay your Flanagan Foodservice invoices as you would any other bill that you pay online.



Not Banking On Line?

If you are not yet set up to bank online yet and would like to, just access your financial institutions web page. From the home page you can follow easy step- by- step instructions to register your online account. Once your account has been established, follow the above instructions to set-up Flanagan Foodservice as one of your Bill Payees.



If you prefer to use the ATM

If you like, you can use an automated Teller Machine to pay your invoices. You Will need to go into the bank the first time and ask a Bank Teller to set up Flanagan Foodservice as a Bill Payee option. Once this has been completed you can pay your Flanagan Foodservice invoices at the ATM.



Save time and hassle with Pre-Authorized Debit

With Flanagan's pre-authorized debit plan, we can automatically process your payment from any chequing or savings account at your financial institution. For more information please contact the Credit Department.