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Flanagan Multi-Unit Excellence
Managing Supply, Controlling Costs


Looking after a complex business in a highly competitive industry in one location will keep anyone busy enough; however, the degree of difficulty increases and the variables compound with a multi-unit food outlet. We are Canada's largest Canadian-owned independent foodservice distributor and we work with multi-unit businesses to distribute food and foodservice supplies to restaurant operations of all sizes across Ontario.





Account Management


The success of our partnership begins with a thorough analysis of your objectives. An experienced Account Manager will work closely with you and your franchisees. They create programs and generate analyses so you can better understand how your business is operating and make adjustment for improvement.


Safety begins with teamwork sign hanging in Flanagan Foodservice warehouse


Protection of Your Brand


Proper management, handling and storage of products is essential to protecting your brand.


Our health and safety team ensure every employee is trained and aware of food safety protocols. Buildings and procedures are regularly audited by third party organizations and consistently deliver high scores.


Flanagan Driver getting into a truck

Customer Focused

Our people bring expertise, flexibility and passion to what they do. Our adaptive service—coupled with our solid foodservice infrastructure—is dedicated to giving you a competitive edge that can make the difference in how your business thrives and grows.





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