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Like you, we appreciate the stories behind our food supply.


That's why we offer simple ways for you to buy Ontario-grown items, incorporate them into your menu, and share growers' unique stories with your customers. We not only have a wide selection of local products for you to choose from, but more than one way for you to browse and order.




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Our Ontario: Empowering Local Food


Our Ontario is Flanagan's local food program. We proudly present hundreds of local items available in our warehouses.


Ordering is a breeze - simply call, talk to your sales representative, or conveniently shop online.If you are placing your order on Flanagan Orders, look for our local icon to easily identify local products.


What makes these products special is that they are all proudly "Ontario" based. From the passionate farmers and talented manufacturers, every product is grown, made, or manufactured in the province. The majority of ingredients used in processed items are locally sourced from Ontario.


By supporting this program, you are not only indulging in the finest products but also fueling our province's vibrant economy. Let's unite and showcase the very best that Ontario has to offer. Together, we can create a remarkable impact that reverberates throughout the community.


Talk to your sales representative about ordering local products today.






Feast On, Ontario!

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We're Feast On ® Certified

We're proud to be Feast On® certified! Feast On® is a certification program that recognizes businesses committed to sourcing and celebrating Ontario-grown food and drink. Becoming Feast On® certified provides a third-party stamp of verification to prove that Flanagan supports local farmers, producers, and growers. Also, becoming Feast On® certified helps consumers understand that the businesses that they are supporting make contributions to the local food economy.


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