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If you're curious about Flanagan's, our policies, or foodservice in general, we've put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.


If you don't see a topic explored here that you'd like to learn more about, please let us know. You can fill out our form and we'd be happy to address your question.



About Flanagan's




Placing Orders


Receiving Orders


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About Flanagan's


What is a foodservice distributor?

A broadline foodservice distributor supplies food and non-food products to restaurants, caterers, cafeterias, nursing homes and hospitals. A foodservice distributor will receive items in large quantities from a variety of food manufacturers that have been broken down to case quantities for operators, so that they only receive the products they require on just one truck rather than many. Restaurant owners typically receive orders from their foodservice distributor on a weekly basis.



What kind of businesses do you deliver to?

We deliver to foodservice operations that range from small independents to iconic chains with multiple locations. Our customers include restaurants, bakeries, caterers, multi-unit operations, healthcare and institutional facilities, hotels, resort properties and more.



Where are you located?

Flanagan’s is proud to serve all of Ontario. Our distribution is organized across three distribution centres:


I'm not a current customer; how do I become one?

If you'd like to become a Flanagan customer (awesome!), please fill out the form on our Become a Customer page. Please note that you will need to complete a credit application to become a Flanagan customer and we only deliver to business addresses.


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What does it mean to be a Best Managed company?

As a Canadian-owned and managed company, Flanagan’s has been recognized for our innovative, world-class business practices. Best Managed companies share an emphasis on culture and people, innovation, sustained performance and strong financial results. 






What products do you offer?

We carry more than 10,000 products among the following categories:

  • Protein (fresh and frozen beef, poultry, seafood, pork, specialty meats)
  • Produce
  • Dairy (specialty and domestic cheeses, yogurt, milk products and ice cream)
  • Bakery and desserts
  • Entrees and frozen desserts
  • Dry grocery
  • Beverages
  • Healthcare products
  • Supplies and equipment


Learn more here.



Do you carry nationally recognized brands (like Heinz or McCain)?

Yes! We have a comprehensive list of national and regional brands; brands you know and trust that bring consistency to your establishment.



Can I buy locally grown food from Flanagan’s?

Yes! From dairy to produce, protein to beverages, fresh and frozen, we have Ontario options in almost every category in our warehouse (part of our Our Ontario local food program). Add Ontario items to your Flanagan order and receive the product with your regular delivery. 


Learn more about buying local here.



Do you source cage-free eggs?

We’re committed to working collaboratively with participants in our supply chain to pursue the objective of purchasing only 100% cage-free eggs by the end of 2025. Many of our restaurant customers have committed to adapting their procurement practices to align with sourcing eggs from hens raised in a 100% cage-free environment, and we’ll work right alongside them to meet these goals.



I'm a foodservice supplier and would like to have my products listed at Flanagan's. What are my next steps?

Please send your request to our Product Purchasing team and they will be more than happy to assist you.



Placing Orders



I'm a current customer. What are my ordering options?

If you know your sales representative and have his or her contact information, you can either reach out directly to your rep, call Customer Relations at 1-800-265-6550 (Kitchener Branch)/1-800-565-5850 (Sudbury) or place an order through our Web Order System.



How do I sign up to become a Web Order customer?

If you are a current Flanagan customer and would like to set up an online ordering account, please fill out this request form. We will review your request and will be in touch with you regarding your account in one business day.



I'm a household that buys groceries in bulk; can I order from you?

We appreciate your interest in Flanagan’s, however we deliver to business addresses only.



Do you have minimum order requirements?

Typically, a minimum order is approximately $500 per delivery, but this does vary and is dependent on your location and order frequency. (Your sales or customer relations representative will be able to help you out with this one personally.)



I'm not a current customer but would like to place a one-time order with Flanagan's. How do I do that?

Please fill out our Become a Customer page to let us know what it is that you're interested in. We will get back to you with 72 hours. You must be set up as a customer so that we have proper delivery and contact information, and a credit application will need to be completed.


Thanks for thinking of us!



Can I place a pick-up order through the Flanagan Web Order system?

Because your sales representative facilitates the custom set up of your Web Order account, he or she will specify whether your account is structured for delivery and pick-up, or just delivery. To add a pick-up order option to your Web Order account, reach out to your sales representative. You can also place pick-up orders with your rep or a customer relations liaison (with a 24-hour lead time).



Receiving Orders


I just placed an order. How soon will it be delivered to me?

That'll depend on which day you specified when you placed your order online, or on the delivery days you have set up with your account. You can check in with your sales representative to confirm, or refer to the email confirmation you would have received if you placed an online order. It should arrive to your door within the next few days, no longer than 1 week, unless the product is a special order item.



Can I track my order?

Yes, you can see your expected delivery time through Flanagan Orders, our online ordering system.



I received the wrong product. Now what?

If you received the wrong product, call customer relations immediately. Because credits and returns are dependent on the situation, be sure to go through your order as soon as you receive it to make sure it's correct so that you can make on-the-spot requests and corrections with our drivers. It will be rectified with our electronic proof of delivery system, and will begin the credit process right away.


This is especially important with frozen product because there is a shorter time limit; we must send a refrigerated truck to keep the product frozen to comply with HACCP.



Other Resources


What is Brand Points Plus?

Brand Points Plus is a foodservice loyalty program that gives you tangible rewards (equipment for your operation, tech gadgets and destination trips) for the purchases you make everyday. It's free to join, and as you buy the brands that are part of the program you collect points to later redeem for free rewards! There is no commitment requirement and it remains free for as long as you choose to participate.


Learn more.



What is Friends of We Care?

Friends of We Care is a network of more than 80 organizations from the Foodservice and Hospitality industry who are united by a goal of enabling Canadian children with disabilities to realize their full potential. Through collaborative efforts, Friends of We Care raises funds to send kids with disabilities to specialized Easter Seals camps across the country.

Learn more here.



What is Carve Premium Ontario Beef?

Carve is our exclusive premium Ontario beef brand. The beef is raised locally by a very talented group of Ontario farmers and is hand-selected from Canada AAA grades or higher to maintain high standards in meat colour, maturity, superior muscling, fat colour and consistent marbling.

Learn more here.



What is Our Ontario?

Our Ontario is our local food program. We carry more than 500 Ontario dairy, protein and produce products from a wide selection of producers. We consider “local” to be foods that follow the Foodland Ontario definition of Ontario food; essentially, it must be born, raised, slaughtered, grown and processed in Ontario.

Read more here about how to add these products to your Flanagan order.




What is Feast On®?

Feast On is a movement and criteria-based certification program by Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance that recognizes restaurants, caterers and experiences who regularly purchase Ontario-grown ingredients. 



What is Ocean Wise?

Ocean Wise™ is a conservation program developed by the Vancouver Aquarium to educate and empower consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. It raises consumer awareness of sustainable seafood, providing a credible source of information on sustainable choices, and works with Ocean Wise™ partners to ensure they can identify and deliver seafood harvested in a sustainable manner.




Did we leave something unanswered?

If you have an inquiry that we didn't include, we'd be happy to answer it for you directly. Please let us know your question or concern along with an email address and we'll be sure to address it. If your concern is with regard to a specific product, order or issue, you can reach out to our customer relations team.



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