Maple Leaf Canadian and Family Owned



“Flanagan’s has always been willing to help us in any regard. We had an issue with takeout containers for French fries, and they very quickly brought us a product that better served our food and we implemented it within a couple of days. They're very open – we can call our rep anytime and we've got a solution the next day or they're always working on a solution for us that we can quickly add to our repertoire or pivot to serve our customers better. They’re here to support us as best they can and their willingness to do that while we're all suffering through COVID has been amazing."


Ryan Lloyd Craig

Crowsfoot Smokehaus




“Flanagan’s is amazing. Showing trends, going through prices weekly, whatever it may be. They are just amazing at keeping us right on track with everything. Not missing a great deal or not ordering a certain brand because their prices may have just tripled overnight. They take good care of us which is important because we didn't know how bad it was going to be. I go over the pricing every week and I'll text with our rep and he's always great at letting us know what the trends are in the city out there, what’s sinking and what’s spiking.  They’re not out there to make money from you, you feel that from Flanagan’s. Our rep will tell us this price went up an extra $10 a case or whatnot so maybe there's another brand we can look at. It’s just nice that we have a partnership with them; we’ve worked with other companies who were less personal and were just looking for money and not looking out for us. They just treat us like a human being, it’s more like working with a friend.”


Adam Winkler

Wink's Eatery


“ They help us so much with supplies, particularly as supplies have altered so much over the course of the last year and while we’re trying to buy Ontario as much as possible. We know all of our beef is coming from Ontario farmers etc, they help us so much with that. Flanagan’s has been great about letting us know what our alternatives are and keeping us up-to-date with everything.”


Stephanie Soulis

Little Mushroom Catering




"The relationship between supplier and operator is critical to the successful outcome of any restaurant. When we partnered with Flanagan Foodservice, we were looking for more than strategic pricing. We were looking for a partner that held many of the the same values we embrace in our business; access to local producers, a company that's in step with the trends of the industry and a business that we would be inclined to invest in." 


Donna Dooher

Mildred's Temple Kitchen



Flanagan's provides my restaurant with great products along with exceptional customer service. Our local sales representative is an absolutely essential aid to my business and is always willing to go above and beyond to meet my needs.

Flanagan's truly cares about their relationships with their customers and is definitely not your typical food service business. It is nice to have a local company, started in Kitchener, to partner with!


Tim Borys

Lancaster Smokehouse


"Working with Flanagan Foodservice has helped us streamline our operations without sacrificing product quality. Flanagan Foodservice is a leader in the hospitality industry with a large focus on individually driven customer experiences.


Our success is driven by the quality committed individuals that help strengthen our team and Flangan's delivers that every time. Working hand-in-hand with representatives like Theresa Ashton help us source the best quality products that help support local economic development and growth which is extremely valuable, and we are thankful to share these experiences with our guests.


Flanagan's consistently supports the growth of the culinary scene in our region and we are proud to call them a partner but more importantly a great friend! From partnerships with Foodlink Waterloo Region, to supporting the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance with Feast On Certifications, Flanagan Foodservice helps us create a sustainable outreach that raises awareness for Canadian driven cuisine."


Benjamin Lillico

Rich Uncle Tavern