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Feast On certification for restaurants who believe local food matters





Feast On, Ontario!


We're a preferred purveyor of Feast On®, the certification program by Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance that recognizes businesses committed to sourcing Ontario grown and made food and drink.


We believe local food matters


Preferred purveyors of Feast On® sell or distribute food and drink that is produced, harvested or made in Ontario. We're proud to be part of a community of like-minded businesses who are connected to growing Ontario's food and drink sector and working toward putting more local food on plates in our province.


To submit your purchases to Feast On, ask your Territory Manager for a report detailing your local purchases.





Feast On F.A.Q.



What is Feast On®?

Feast On® is a certification program that recognizes businesses committed to sourcing and celebrating Ontario-grown food & drink.

What kinds of businesses are eligible for Feast On certification?

  • Foodservice operators like restaurants, caterers, food trucks, and more!
  • Primary and secondary producers
  • Food distributors

What are the requirements for Feast On ® certification?

Requirements for restaurants:

  • Must agree to the Feast On® manifesto and provide proof that their procurement practices meet the following standards:
  • 25% of total annual food receipts reflect Ontario grown and raised food purchases.
  • 25% of total annual alcohol receipts reflect Ontario made beverage purchases


Requirements for producers:

  • Must agree to the Feast On® Manifesto and provide proof that their production practices match the following standards:
  • Must supply the foodservice industry in Ontario with capacity for growth
  • The products that they produce are grown and raised in Ontario.
  • Value-added products must use and showcase a significant amount of products grown and/or raised in Ontario.
  • Local products must be clearly labeled and skewed for customers.
  • Alcohol producers must be able to show their traceability and quality assurance measures.
  • Businesses should be considered small, independent craft producers.

Requirements for partners:

  • Must agree to the Feast On® Manifesto, and:
  • Must supply, support, or have a direct connection to the foodservice industry in Ontario.
  • Products that they promote must be primarily grown, raised, and/or made in Ontario and are clearly labelled
  • Must take actions to support SMEs and a sustainable local food system. 


What are the benefits of becoming Feast On® certified? 

The benefits of becoming Feast On® certified include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to a rich, supportive network of like-minded businesses, suppliers and chefs that are proven to help grow your business.
  • Holding credibility for your sourcing and/or production practices
  • Opportunity to participate in the Feast On® Gift Voucher Program
  • Facilitated introductions to Feast On® certified businesses
  • Subscription to the monthly Feast On® industry newsletter
  • Annual feature in the Feast On® industry newsletter
  • Profile and link on
  • Prioritized in content on
  • Acknowledgement in relevant Feast On® communications and networking events
  • Exclusive event opportunities
  • Opportunities to participate and sponsor Feast On® curated events
  • Invitations and discounts to industry events and workshops - including
  • Feast On the Farm Industry Day
  • An official certificate of designation
  • The use of Feast On® Logo rights and promotional materials
  • Access to education and staff training programs

What is a Feast On® Voucher?

A Feast On® Voucher is an open-loop digital voucher that are redeemable at all participating Feast On® restaurants. They come in $25 denominations - and you can redeem more than one at once.

Feast On® gift vouchers are one of the new ways the CTA is helping grow food tourism in Ontario and helping drive more awareness for Feast On® business. They are easy to purchase and redeem, are completely digital, do not need to be integrated with restaurants’ POS system and there is no additional cost to participate in this voucher program. Voucher program participation is one of the benefits that comes with your Feast On® certification.


How many businesses are part of the Feast On® program?

The Feast On® network consists of over 150 restaurants and over 40 producers. You can visit to find a full list of certified restaurants and producers.

What does the certification process involve?

The following steps are involved in becoming a Feast On certified business:

Application: All new candidates follow a 3-step application process,
starting with an online form followed by submitting certification forms, and finally by paying the annual certification fee

Verification: The information collected in your Certification Forms is verified by the Culinary Tourism Alliance.


Certification: Successful applicants are notified. We begin work on your online presence at and other program benefits. We support all applicants including those who may fall shy to achieve the award whenever possible.

Re-Certification: A streamlined recertification process allows purveyors to maintain their official certified Taste of Ontario year-over-year by paying the certification fee and submitting Certification Forms annually.

Is there a fee associated with certification?

Yes, each Feast On® certified business pays an annual certification fee. Foodservice operator certification fees are $500 a year, while producer certification fees start at $1000 a year.


How can I get started with my certification application?

You can take the first step to become Feast On certified by completing the following steps:
1. Visit our website’s Feast On page using this link.

2. Express your interest in applying by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.


Can you define what the Feast On® program considers to be a local product?

Feast On® uses Foodland Ontario’s definition of local. So, for produce, to be considered local, fruits and vegetables must be grown and harvested in Ontario. Livestock must be born, raised, slaughtered, and processed in Ontario.


My restaurant is in Ottawa. Can I use products from Gatineau?

Product from Gatineau cannot be applied to your local spend percentage, because in order for a product to be considered local in the Feast On ® program, that product must come from Ontario.


Can I qualify by purchasing from a business that is local, but may not have local food?

No, the food product that you are using must be local. Produce must be grown and harvested in Ontario. Livestock must be born, raised, slaughtered, and processed in Ontario. For processed foods products, the main ingredient and/or the majority of ingredients that the product is made from must come from Ontario. There is an exception for beer and tea.


How can I learn more about becoming Feast On® certified?

You can learn more about Feast On® by visiting the Culinary Tourism Alliance’s website