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For over 40 years, Flanagan Foodservice has enjoyed a special partnership with restaurateurs, chefs, farmers and more in the food industry. We pride ourselves on our products and people—dedicated to your satisfaction and passionate about making a difference in all that we do. To align with this goal, we are proud to introduce Flanagan Solutions.


Flanagan Solutions was created with a substantial objective: to offer you delicious food at an exceptional price while supporting the well-being of Canadians.


For each case of Flanagan Solutions sold, a portion of funds is distributed to charitable organizations that support sustainability, conservation and Canadian communities.






Flanagan Solutions Cooked Bacon

Flanagan Solutions bacon has been thoughtfully crafted,
making it the best choice for your menu! Our bacon is made
using the highest-quality pork belly, smoked with North
American Hardwood, creating the perfect balance of flavour.
Available in different slice thicknesses, we have the
perfect solution to meet your needs.


Flanagan Solutions Salad Dressing
Salad Dressing

Crafted specifically for the food service industry, our dressings are inspired by the most popular flavours.  Always fresh and high-quality ingredients ensure your guests will delight in the flavour!


Learn more about Flanagan Solutions Tortillas

Tortillas on your menu can be an immeasurable asset to your business. Loaded with flavourful ingredients, they can be built to create signature recipes that keep your guests coming back again, and again.




To learn more about Flanagan Solutions, please talk to your sales representative. If you do not have a Flanagan account, simply fill out this form and a sales representative will reach out to you.