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Dairy Products

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More than 600 dairy items including specialty and domestic cheeses, yogurt, a variety of milk products and premium ice cream.



Popular Products



  • Milk ( 1%, 2%, homogenized, chocolate etc.) in sizes ranging from 250 ml to 20 lt
  • Cream (10%, 18%, whipping cream etc.) in large quantities and individual servings
  • Soy and almond milk
  • Butter, yogurt, whip topping, sour cream and cottage cheese
  • A large variety of cheese including cheddar, mozzarella, halloumi, goat, feta, mascarpone and vegan cheese
  • Cheese blocks, shredded and sliced
  • Fresh eggs including shelled, hard-boiled, liquid, fully cooked scrambled eggs and omelets
  • Premium, real dairy ice cream
  • And more
Two pieces of brie cheese





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