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Piri Piri Pulled Chicken Wraps


Maple Leaf Piri Piri Pulled chicken wrap with peppers and toppings on wood background


Spicy piri piri seasoned Canadian pulled chicken wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla with lettuce, peppers and red onion, finished with a lemon vinaigrette and fresh cracked black pepper



113 g (4oz)          Schneider’s Pulled Chicken (Flanagan Code #164475)

2ea                        5” flour tortillas, grilled         

28g (1oz)              red onion (sliced thin)

28g (1oz)              red, yellow & orange peppers (sliced thin)

2                             leaf lettuce (shredded)

60ml (2oz)            cilantro lime vinaigrette

to taste                 Piri Piri spice

to taste                 cracked black pepper




  1. Mix pulled chicken, Piri Piri spice and half of the vinaigrette.

  2. Lightly grill tortillas and place on cutting board.

  3. Add lettuce, peppers, onion and chicken mixture to the centre of the tortillas.

  4. Add remaining vinaigrette and black pepper then fold the tortillas over to serve.



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