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Spinach and Cheese Quiche

Spinach and Cheese Quiche


Recipe Yield: 72 portions

Serving size: 1 slice (1/8th of a 9” pie)

Cooking method: Bake

Cooking temperature: 375 °F/190 °C

Cook time: 35-45 minutes



9, 9-inch frozen pie shells

38 each, Large eggs

2 cups, Skim milk powder

6 cups, Water


Filling Ingredients


6 cups, Spinach (fresh or frozen), chopped

3 cups, Green onions (fresh), chopped

1 ½ cups, Kale (fresh or frozen) chopped

1 tsp    Ground black pepper

2 tsp    Table salt       

6 cups, Cheddar cheese, shredded




  1. Wash hands before beginning preparation & sanitize surfaces & equipment. Preheat the oven. Take pie shells out of the freezer and let thaw on the counter for 15 minutes.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together eggs and skim milk powder and water.
  3. Add all filling ingredients to the mixing bowl. Mix well. Place the pie shells on a baking sheet. Pour egg mixture into shells
  4. Bake at 375 °F for 35 minutes until CCP - Cook to an internal temp of 165°F/74 °C held for at least 15 seconds. Slice quiche into 8 pieces.
  5. CCP - *Maintain >140 °F/60 °C for only 4 hours.
  6. CCP - *Cool: Product must reach 140 °F to 70 °F within 2 hours and 70 °F to 40 °F within 4 hours.
  7. CCP - Reheat: To temp of 165 °F/74 °C held for 15 seconds, within 2 hours - one time only.



Nutrition Facts for One Serving


Calories: 298 kcal

Protein: 15 g

Carbohydrates: 14 g

Vitamin K: 66 mcg

Note: Nutrient composition provided is approximate and may vary by ingredients used and quantity prepared.



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