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Orange Creamsicle Jello

Orange Creamsicle Jello


Serves: 70 portions; serving size: 100 g (#12 (green) scoop



3 L (12 cups) of Water
1 Kg (4 cups) Gelatin, Dry Orange
1.8 Kg (7 ⅓ cups) of Soft tofu
1.4 L (4 ⅔ cups) of Canned evaporated milk
125 mL (½ cup) of Maple syrup



  1. Wash hands before beginning preparation and sanitize surfaces and equipment
  2. Boil water and mix it with the dry orange gelatin in a pan
  3. Shake can of evaporated milk and open with can opener
  4. Add soft tofu, evaporated milk and maple syrup to a food processor and blend until smooth
  5. Slowly whisk the soft tofu, evaporated milk and maple syrup puree into pan with gelatin mixture
  6. Cover and place in the fridge to set
  7. Jelly is ready to eat when it holds its shape and has a slight jiggle to it (approximately 4 hours)
  8. Once set, use a knife to trace around the sides of the pan, then cut into 1-inch cubes
  9. Portion 100 g of cut jelly into each cup, keep refrigerated until ready to serve


Recipe developed by Erin Ross



Nutrition Facts for One Serving

Calories: ~ 100 kcal

Sodium: < 150 mg


Note: Nutrient composition provided is approximate and may vary by ingredients used and quantity prepared. The nutrient composition values were rounded to the nearest 50 kcal for calories and the nearest 10 mg for sodium.


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