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Shrimp 101

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You want seafood options that let you do what you do best. With shrimp as the number one seafood item on menus, you don't need to look any further than High Liner's line of raw shrimp. Available in a range of varieties and sizes, all delivering the absolute best quality, these tasty little crustaceans promise big opportunities for spicing up your menu. 

Cooked shrimp


High Liner Shrimp Features + Benefits


  • Sourced from responsible aquaculture, BAP certified. Feel good about serving sustainable seafood to your customers.
  • A trusted brand: Mirabel (All of High Liner commodity shrimp is branded under Mirabel brand) - Offer consistent quality to meet your standards.
  • Wide variety of sizes and formats available.
  • Incredibly versatile and profitable protein. Shrimp maximizes the number of uses with many different cooking methods and recipe applications.
  • Easy to prepare - Reduce kitchen labour and minimize service time.


Shrimp on bread with cucumber




What is the Difference Between Black and White Shrimp?


Pacific White Shrimp

Farmed in Asia and Latin America, White Shrimp have a grayish white shell and turn pale pink when cooked. The meat is creamy white with lighter pink highlights.  Sweeter, more delicate in texture, and naturally smaller than Black Tiger Shrimp, they are delicious in almost any application. The primary origins are Thailand, India, Vietnam, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico and China.


Black Tiger Shrimp

The shell and meat of Black Tiger  Shrimp are striped like its name implies, and turn orange/red when cooked.  Available year round, they are the largest size of commercially available shrimp farmed in Asia mainly Vietnam, India and Bangladesh. Their moist, medium texture and very mild flavor makes them the perfect compliment to many dishes. The primary origins are Vietnam, India and Bangladesh.




Warm Water Shrimp

Most common product forms:

Shrimp block


RH – raw headless shell on

Raw Peeled & Deveined tail on


Raw Peeled & Deveined tail on

Cooked Peeled & Deveined tail on


Cooked Peeled & Deveined tail on

Raw Peeled & Deveined tail off


Raw Peeled & Deveined tail off



Cooked / Raw EZ Peel Shrimp


Cooked / Raw EZ Peel Shrimp

Butterfly Shell on


Butterfly Shell on









• HLSO - Headless shell on (usually block frozen)
• RH - Raw Headless
• I.Q.F. - Individually Quick Frozen
• E-Z Peel - (aka Zipper Back) shell is on, but split down the back for easy removal.The shrimp is also deveined.
• P.U.D. - peeled, undeveined (the digestive tract is still intact)
• Raw P&D or RPTO - peeled and deveined shrimp, tail on
• Cooked P&D or CPTO - Cooked, peeled and deveined, tail on
• Peel & Eat - usually a cooked shell on (sometimes an ez peel)
• Butterfly - the shrimp has been cut along the vein, for better plate appearance (aka - split or fantail).
• Butterfly Shell on - same as above with the shell left on
• Salad Shrimp - cooked shrimp, can be warm water or cold water.  Also called baby shrimp or shrimp meat.
• Black Tiger - species of shrimp (Penaeus Monodon), most popular of the large warm water shrimp
• Pacific White or Latin - aka white shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei - Litopenaeus Stylirostris) cultivated by many South American & Asian countries & wild-caught in the Gulf of Mexico (product of USA) & farmed in Asia.



Shrimp with broccoli and cous cous




Did you know?


The "count" refers to the number of Shrimp per pound. For example,  if your shrimp is 16-20, there is 16 to 20 shrimp per pound.




Once the flesh is totally pink and opaque and you see no more grey, your shimp is cooked. Depending on the size, this should take 3 to 5 minutes.




Shell-on shrimp is great for grillling, seafood boils and seafood platters.

Peeled shrimp is perfect for tacos, pasta and rice.




The shell and meat of Black Tiger  Shrimp are striped like its name implies, and turn orange/red when cooked.  




High Liner, Mirabel Foodservice Shrimp listings:


137020  High Liner Shrimp Wht Raw 16-20 P&D T-On -  5/2LB
137021  Mirabel Shrimp Skewer 31-40 T-On Iqf - 1/2.27KG
137022  Mirabel Shrimp Wht P&D T-Off 21-25 - 5/2LB
137024  Mirabel Shrimp Wht P&D T/Off Raw 31-40  - 5/907GM
137030  High Liner Shrimp 31-40 P&D Wht Raw T-On  - 5/2LB
137114  Mirabel Shrimp Bt Raw 16-20 P&D T-On - 5/2LB
137121  Mirabel Shrimp Bt P&D Tail On 13-15  - 6/3LB
137128  Mirabel Shrimp White Raw P&D Ton 21-25 - 5/907GM
137129  Mirabel Shrimp Pw Rpt-Off 71-90Ct - 5/2LB
137137  Mirabel Shrimp Bt Raw 21-25 P&D T-On - 5/2LB
137141  High Liner Shrimp Ez Peel Shell On 21-25 - 5/2LB
137157  Mirabel Shrimp Bt Raw 26-30 P&D T-On - 5/2LB
137194  Mirabel Shrimp Wht P&D Tail On 41-50Ct - 5/907GM
137201  Mirabel Shrimp White Raw 26-30 P&D Ton - 5/907GM
137234  Mirabel Shrimp P&D Cooked 21-25 Ton - 5/2LB
137260  Mirabel Shrimp Wht P&D T/On Ckd 31-40 - 5/908GM

134872  High Liner Shrimp Blk Tiger RPTO 6-8 CT - 6/3LB


For more information on Shrimp, reach out to your Flanagan Sales Representative who will be happy to answer your questions.



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