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Carve Premium Ontario Beef


As a Canadian family-owned business serving all of Ontario, Flanagan Foodservice appreciates the stories behind our food supply and, more importantly, about the individuals that nourish our province.


That is why we have created Carve Premium Ontario Beef.


We are pleased to work with local farmers and processors whose passion and connection to the province is palpable.


Enjoy great tasting beef that is produced right here at home and supports the local communities in which we live, work, play, and of course, enjoy sensational meals. 


Highlight the culinary wonders of our province and put a fresh spin on your menu by serving premium Ontario beef.


Carve out your niche and set your menu apart from the crowd to keep your guests coming back for more.

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Canada AAA grade


Carve Premium Ontario Beef uses Canada AAA or higher grades or higher, maintaining high standards in meat colour, maturity, superior muscling, fat colour and consistent marbling.


These strict criteria provide our customers with the highest quality beef.



Aged a minimum of 21 days


Aging enhances tenderness and improves the eating experience.


Carve Premium Ontario Beef is pre-trimmed to remove excess fat; simply portion and grill. Pre-trimming allows for less labour and higher yields. Our trim specification is 1/4” fat or less.

Raised on Ontario family farms


Carve Premium Ontario Beef is raised locally by a very talented group of Ontario farmers who follow on-farm production practices ensuring animal welfare and sustaining the natural environment for future generations.


The product is government inspected in a HACCP approved processing facility for enhanced food safety.

Living the Ontario life


Ontario has wide open pastures for cattle to graze on grass, forages, and high quality feed grains that contribute to producing flavourful beef.


After maturing on the open ranges and natural fresh grasses, the cattle are switched to a high quality grain based diet. The nutritionally balanced finishing diet promotes well-marbled and delicious beef.



From striploin to inside rounds, beef flats to tenderloins, Carve has the products you need to make your menu truly spectacular. To learn more, view our Carve brochure or contact our Protein Specialist, Paul Hackett, using the form below.


Carve is available exclusively at Flanagan Foodservice. If you are not currently a customer, click here to learn more about Flanagan’s.




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