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2024 Food Show Product Recap

Flanagan Foodservice Annual Spring Show

2024 Food Show Product Review


The 2024 food show was our best yet! There was so much energy in the building, we are so grateful that our customers, suppliers and employees put so much effort to make the day as wonderful as it was. If you weren’t able to come, here were some of our favourite products of the day:



Carve Premium Ontario Beef Inside Round on a sandwich

Carve Beef AAA Inside Round

Carve Premium Ontario Beef: Elevate your menu with the local pride of Ontario—Carve Premium Ontario Beef, where AAA quality meets hometown glory. This isn't just beef; it's a celebration of local farming, delivering a taste so rich and succulent, it'll have you questioning why you ever looked elsewhere (sorry, Alberta!). Our showstopper? The Carve Inside Round, perfectly paired with caramelized onion and a bold horseradish spread, served on a soft bun.







Pickeral fish pan fried with rice and bok choy

Grille and Galley Pickerel Fillet

Grille and Galley Pickerel Fillet: Get ready to reel (sorry-had to go for the pun) in some compliments with our Pickerel Fillets, fresh from the waters of Lake Erie. Local is not just about the taste and freshness; it's about building a narrative for your restaurant that resonates with diners seeking authentic, sustainable, and regionally focused eating experiences. The Great Lakes often remind Ontarians of long summer days spent with family and friends, evoking these memories helps you connect with your guests. Stay tuned – soon we'll have some Fresh Yellow Perch from the Great Lakes!


230125  GRILLE PICKEREL FILLET S-ON 8-16 OZ  - 1/4.54KG




Tandoori Chicken Skewer

D & D Poultry Tandoori Chicken Skewer

Hailing from an Ontario family-owned business, they embrace the flavours of tandoori seasoning, and they are Halal. Super popular and super tasty!  Serve with basmati rice, warm naan bread and cucumber raita (This cooling yogurt-based dip with cucumber, mint, and sometimes garlic, offers a refreshing contrast to the spices in Tandoori skewers).






Gulab Jamun Dainty Cake


Wow Factor Gulab Jamun Dainty Cake 

I must admit, I had no idea what to expect with this dessert. It’s a dough ball, soaked in rose syrup, nestled within creamy cheesecake, and topped with a delicate rose water mousse sprinkled with pistachios. This masterpiece is an East Indian delicacy that's capturing hearts and trending for all the right reasons.






Mike's Hot Honey in a squeeze bottle

Mike’s Hot Honey

Spice up your menu! Originally created as a pizza topping, this versatile ingredient is only available at Flanagan’s. Four bottles per case (each one is 24oz), the applications for this are endless. Add it to a chicken sandwich, grilled cheese, wings and more. First, it’s all "mmm" with the sweetness, then bam – the spice kicks in!






Chicago Dill Pickle Fries

Chicago Dill Pickle Fries

Pickle fries served on top of French Fries with a dill pickle ranch dressing? Sign me up! Dill pickle flavour has long been a crowd-pleaser, and its popularity is now reaching new heights, popping up in the most unexpected places. Flanagan’s takes the lead by being the first distributor to showcase the Chicago Pickle brand.






High Liner Blue Cod

High Liner Blue Cod

Always on the crest of innovation, High Liner has launched new blue cod offerings that are not only delicious but also priced to woo even the most wallet-weary customers. This whitefish is like the Swiss Army knife of seafood - incredibly versatile. Jazz up a po-boy, tossing it into wrap or mix it into a salad.









Beef Short Ribs with gravy on a plate

Boneless, Cooked Beef Short Ribs

Succulent boneless short ribs, already cooked to perfection in an au jus sauce. It is tasty, easy to prepare and offers consistency for your guests while taking it easy on your labour costs. Serve with mashed potatoes, make a sandwich or toss them in bowls where the possibilities are endless.






Maple Leaf Hot Dog Sizes

Maple Leaf Hot Dogs

Maple Leaf is famous for dishing out crowd pleasing food. In the face of rising inflation, it's prime time to tweak your tactics and lure folks in with budget-friendly eats. Enter the humble hot dog, a summertime hero, sporting an attractive price tag that leaves room for some seriously upscale embellishments (pulled pork anyone?).


179179 JMS WIENER 6" 6CT RG FZ - 1/5.44KG

179205 JMS WIENER 6" 10CT FZ - 1/5.44KG

179218 JMS WIENER 7" 4CT RG FZ  - 1/5.44KG

179233 JMS WIENER 7" 5CT RG FZ  - 1/5.44KG

179257 JMS WIENER 7" 8CT RG FZ - 1/5.44KG

179260 JMS WIENER BEEF 7" 8CT FZ  - 1/5.44KG

179265 JMS WIENER BEEF 7" 5CT FZ -  1/5.44KG

179272 JMS WIENER 5" 12CT RG FZ -  1/5.44KG

179283 JMS WIENER 11" 6CT RED HOTS FZ  - 1/5.44KG





Bridor Peach Danish

Bridor Peach Danish

Not only does it catch the eye with its meticulously crafted appearance, but it also wins hearts with its commitment to purity - boasting a clean label and all-natural ingredients. Plus, it's ready to bake, transforming your kitchen into the sweetest spot on the block in no time.





Rich's Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago Style Pizza Dough

A Fresh Twist on Tradition! Out of Rich’s oven and into yours, this dough goes from frozen to fabulous in just 9 minutes. Choose how to cook: bake it in a pan for that iconic, deep-dish Chicago style experience, or go pan-less for a crust that’s delightfully focaccia-esque. Either way, you’re guests in for a treat.







BBQ Cheese Curds

Flavoured Cheese Curds

Pountine just keeps getting more and more innovative. Elevate your menu to new heights with Alain Royer's ingeniously flavoured cheese curds. It's time to get imaginative and add some zest! From tangy orange curds, smoky BBQ curds, to the spicy kick of 3-pepper curd - can the world of cheese get any more exciting?



116156 ARC CHEESE CURD BBQ  - 20/500GM





Good Leaf Greens

Good Leaf Greens

My biggest surprise of the day! Who knew greens could taste this good? A local treasure that's bursting with flavour, Good Leaf Greens has truly outdone itself. Thanks to vertical farming, these leafy wonders are available all year round, ensuring fresh, delightful bites every time. And talk about pristine quality - not a single human hand touches these greens until they grace your restaurant.












Made Good Oat Bar

Made Good Blueberry Oat Bars

The ultimate snack for on-the-move moments. Made with care, these bars are a beacon of organic goodness, free from allergens, gluten-free, and proudly wearing the vegan badge. With a commitment to clean ingredients and the functional benefits that come from real food, Made Good Bars not only tick all the health-conscious boxes but also get the green light as a school-friendly treat.





With hundreds of innovative products to see and an array of delicious samples to taste, the Flanagan Show truly showcased the best of what the food industry has to offer. For those who couldn't make it this year, we missed having you with us and sincerely hope you'll be able to join the excitement next time. I may be biased (okay, I am definitely biased), but the Flanagan Show stands unrivaled as the premier foodshow in Ontario. Here's to hoping we see you next year!



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2023 Food Show Product Review

Flanagan Foodservice Annual Spring Show entrance

2023 Food Show Product Review


At this year's food show, we were proud to showcase hundreds of incredible products. With so many amazing options, it was difficult for us to pick only a few favourites - but here are some highlights from the event!


The Flanagan Food Show is where the foodservice industry gathers to look ahead into what’s new, exciting and trending in Canadian cuisine. This year was particularly special with over one thousand of people in attendance - all buzzing with anticipation! Even Elvis popped by to entertain our guests. There were exclusive deals, delicious samples and learning opportunities for attendees.


Campbell's Chicken Bombay Soup

Campbell’s Bombay Style Butter Chicken Soup

When it comes to soups, Campbell's is recognized internationally for their quality and innovation. I had the pleasure of sampling their Bombay Style Butter Chicken Soup, and I must say it was impressive. Garam masala...cumin…turmeric, oh my! The unique blend of spices make for excellent ethnic flavour. With its creamy texture and perfect balance of spices, this soup is on trend. It’s packaged in 4 x 1.81 kg packages, allowing for smaller batch preparation that is super easy to cook directly in the pouch.


191019                VERVE SOUP BOMBAY BUTTER CHICKEN - 4/1.8KG





McCain - Corn Rbz

McCain, a well-known leader in frozen potato products, now enters the world of plant and vegetable shareables with their new launch. One of their latest additions, the Corn Rbz (corn ribs), is a perfect example of the innovation in the industry today. These rib-like treats are made with sweet corn that has been coated in crispy batter. While eating them, it's essential to hold them like ribs to make sure you get the full experience. They make a great appetizer or side dish.


199297                MCCAIN CORN RIBZ - 4/4LB




Carve Premium Ontario Beef Prime Rib Sandwich

Carve Premium Ontario Beef – Prime Rib

Carve Premium Ontario Beef supports our local farmers and economy. They offer AAA quality beef that is aged a minimum of 21 days, which makes it flavourful, juicy, and tender. Carve showcased their famous prime rib at our show, which got everyone buzzing. The booth was so popular I had to circle back to taste what everyone was raving about. The recipe that made everyone's taste buds dance was a simple sandwich, which included caramelized onions, au jus, and Carve Prime Rib on a bun. What I loved about this sandwich was its simplicity and ease of execution that any operator could put it on their menu.


222824                CARVE BEEF RIBEYE 2X2 LIPON AAA - 2/7KG



Mother Parker's Cold Brew Coffee


Mother Parker’s Cold Brew

If you aren’t serving a cold brew coffee in your establishment, you are missing out on a huge (and growing) market. Mother Parker’s Cold Brew is approximately $0.07 cents an ounce and consumers typically don’t ask for top-ups with a cold brew. This product is super easy, simply put it in the machine, and let it brew for 16 hours and voila - cold brewed coffee.


343449                MP COFFEE COLD BREW HAND CRAFTED - 15/16OZ




Rich's Soft Whip Topping

Rich's Soft Whip Topping

Rich's Soft Whip Topping is a game-changer for any beverage. This pourable carton contains a drinkable topping that is lighter and thinner than traditional whipped cream. The easy-to-use carton eliminates the need for any equipment, saving time and hassle. It is perfect for specialty drinks, adding a sweet cream flavour with hints of vanilla. The dollop on any drink adds value and makes the drink eye-catching. In addition, Brand Points Plus members should keep an eye out for point multipliers in the May/June Brand Points Plus flyer. If you are a Flanagan customer, signing up for Brand Points Plus is free and members can earn points for great rewards on many items.


116441                RICHS SOFT WHIP POURABLE TOPPING - 12/19OZ




Alasko Omelet Mix - Onions and Peppers

Alasko Omelet Mix

The Alasko Omelet Mix is a HOT DEAL with a $5.00 off per case offer for tradeshow attendees! In addition to the savings on the product, using the Alasko Omelet Mix saves on labour as there is no need to slice or dice any ingredients. The mix contains diced onions, red peppers, and green peppers, making omelet preparation quick and easy.


197571                ALASKO IQF OMELETTE MIX (ONION & PEP) - 10/1KG




Castello Gouda Slices

Castello Gouda Slices

Sliced Gouda? Yes please! Sampling this cheese was a tasty experience, it is delicious and authentic! Made from 100% Danish milk, hormone, and antibiotic-free. This flavourful cheese is perfect for adding a gourmet touch to burgers or sandwiches, and its smaller pack size means less waste from open products. The growing demand for Gouda makes it an excellent choice for menu items. Brand Points Plus members should also keep an eye out for point multipliers.







Seacouterie Board - Fresh seafood on a wooden board

Seacouterie Board

The Seacouterie Board is a fresh take on the traditional charcuterie board by combining all seafood items on one board. The Caudles team had a variety of fresh options, from traditional favorites to luxurious items like caviar. This board is sure to impress seafood lovers. The display at the show included a sampling of some of the best seafood items available. Include various items such as (230213) Atlantic Salmon, (230088) Scallops, (230046) Mussels, (230307) Oysters, (230023) Caviar, and (230230) Lobster. Talk to your Territory Manager for more fresh seafood options!




Aviko Au Gratin Potatoes Cream and Cheese

Aviko Au Gratin Potatoes Cream and Cheese

My favourite new product of the day! These potatoes are a must try! These award-winning potatoes are made with fresh cream, butter, and cheese, and full slices of potatoes. Each portion (100g) is perfectly portioned for the ideal starch side for any meal. Their long hold time makes them ideal for banquets, and they cook in just 25 minutes in the oven. There are 90 portions in a case (6/15ea).


155992                AVIKO GRATINS CREAM & CHEESE - 6/3.3LB




Lynch's Maple Chili Sauce

Lynch’s Maple Chili Sauce

Lynch's Maple Chili Sauce stood out as one of the highlights of the day. The unique flavour profile of this sauce is sure to appeal to a wide range of guests, with its perfect blend of sweet and heat. The versatility of this sauce is impressive, as it can be used as a dip for seafood, a glaze for chicken, or even mixed with other sauces to create your own signature dish. One of the most intriguing suggestions was to try it on top of vanilla ice cream, which is definitely worth a taste test. It is also important to note that maple is currently trending upwards with diners, making this sauce a perfect addition to any menu.


446141                LYNCH MAPLE CHILLI SAUCE - 2/2LT



Lactalis Shredded Mozzabene 24%

Lactalis Shredded Mozzabene 24%

Lactalis Shredded Mozzabene 24% is a great alternative to traditional shredded mozzarella cheese. This cheese, which is pronounced "mots-ahh-beneh," (learned this the hard way when I completely mispronounced it at the show) has a unique shiny texture and great taste. It stands out because it has a higher fat content than normal mozzarella cheese, making it perfect for use in high-temperature ovens or wood-fired ovens. Lactalis is one of the few producers that offer a 24% shredded mozzabene. The best part is that this cheese is still priced competitively compared to conventional mozzarella cheese. For those interested in trying it out, samples can be obtained by reaching out to your Territory Manager.


207817                LACTAN CHEESE SHRED MOZZABENE 24% - 4/2.27KG




Martin's Potato Hamburger Bun

Martin's Potato Hamburger Buns

Potato buns are the latest addition to the bread market and their demand is rapidly increasing. These buns are created with a unique ingredient which sets them apart from other baked goods - potatoes. The use of potatoes in the production of potato buns results in a bun that is slightly sweeter and softer than regular bread, with a distinct yellow hue. The resultant texture and taste of potato buns make them a versatile ingredient that can be used in various ways, from classic sandwiches to high-end gourmet burgers.


125864                MARTIN BURGER BUN POTATO 4" - 4/12EA




Egg Solutions Egg Bites

Egg Bites

Another example of a trending snack that is growing in popularity is "omelet bites." These bite-sized snacks are impressively high in protein and provide a quick and easy way to satisfy hunger while on the go. The simplicity of execution makes them an attractive option for people on a tight schedule, and they are also gluten-free, providing another potential selling point for businesses catering to gluten-sensitive customers. In a consumer environment where convenience and healthiness are both crucial factors, omelet bites are a perfect snack option that caters to both. Available in three flavours:


110183                EGGSOL EGG BITES FOUR CHEESE             1/94EA

110196                EGGSOL EGG BITE BACON & CHEDDAR    1/94EA

110198                EGGSOL EGGBITE REDPEP SPIN EGGWHITE           1/94EA




Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry Beverages

Sparkling Cranberry Beverages

One of my favourite stories of the day! Did you know that Ocean Spray was founded in 1930 by three cranberry farmers and has since grown to include over 700 farmer families? Out of these 700, 100 Canadian farmers also make up the Ocean Spray team. All proceeds from Ocean Spray go right back to the farmers.


One exciting new line from Ocean Spray that has been garnering attention is their sparkling cranberry beverages. These refreshing drinks have a fruity, bubbly taste that is sure to please the most discerning palates. Manufactured in Canada with real fruit juice and cranberry goodness, these carbonated beverages are a refreshing alternative to traditional sodas.


463772                OSPRAY WATER SPARKLING CRANBERRY               24/340ML

463773                OSPRAY WATER SPARKLING CRANBERRY LITE      24/340ML





Wow Factor Boston Cream Cake, Nanaimo Bar Cake and Chocolate Cake

Wow Factor New Cakes

I had to sample three new cakes from Wow Factor (tough job, but someone has to do it) and in typical Wow fashion – they did not disappoint.

  • Boston Cream Pie Cake – Vanilla custard is sandwiched between two layers of fluffy vanilla cake then coasted with a smooth chocolate glaze.
  • Nanaimo Bar Cake – With Nanaimo bar’s chocolate base packed with coconut and graham crumbs followed by the layer of custard-flavoured frosting and op layout or rich chocolate glaze.
  • Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake – This was my favourite of the new cakes, rich chocolate separated by chocolate mousse made from scratch. Finished with chocolate buttercream and swathed in chocolate ganache.

Don’t forget: Wow Factor has a FREE dessert menu program. If you place a minimum of 4 Wow Factor Desserts on your dessert menu you are eligible for a free custom-designed, full colour dessert menus. Talk to your Territory Manager for more information or visit


105716                WOW BOSTON CREAM PIE CAKE - 2/9IN

105715                WOW NANAIMO BAR CAKE - 2/10IN

105714                WOW OLD FASHIONED CHOCOLATE CAKE - 2/10IN




Deluxe new Duro Shoppers

Deluxe new Duro Shoppers available

If you're looking for environmentally friendly bags, Deluxe has you covered. Their two new large bags make takeout service a breeze and offer the perfect solution for your guests.


504859   DELUXE BAG PAPER HANDLE 10X6.75X12" - 1/250PC

504861   DELUXE BAG PAPER HANDLE 12X9X12.75" - 1/200PC




Smuckers Uncrustables-Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter


PB and J with the crusts cut off? YES, Uncrustables have entered the Canadian market! A popular item in the United States, these sandwiches are not only a hit among kids but also perfect for grab-and-go locations, such as colleges, university campuses or golf courses.


108060                SMUCKR STRAWBERRY UNCRUSTABLES  - 72/76GM




Egg Farmers of Ontario Activity Placemat for Children

FREE Activity Placemats

To add a touch of entertainment to your menu, you might want to consider offering free kids activity mats from Egg Farmers of Ontario. These mats feature fun egg-shaped glasses that pop out, providing entertainment for children while they wait for their meals. The activity sheets are available at no cost, orders can be made online through the EggChef website.




Brown iAssist and iHost

Browne iAssist

When I saw a robot (a.k.a. iAssist) rolling down the aisles at the show I knew I had to investigate. I was impressed by its sleek design and functionality. The robot could smoothly move around, carrying trays with food and drinks (George Jetson was no where to be found).


I had a great conversation with the Browne representative, who explained to me how the iAssist works and who would benefit from using it. You can supplement your serving staff with the robot, allowing them to stay in the front of the house with your guests while the iAssist goes to the kitchen. Your kitchen staff can then put the food on the trays, and the iAssist will carry them back to the table. This simple process saves time and maximizes efficiency, allowing the server to attend to more guests and tables. It can also lead to higher tips for your servers, and greater customer satisfaction.


Alternatively, guests can take the food off the tray themselves, and the iAssist can still help with the bussing of the dishes. The robot has three trays, each capable of holding up to 22 lbs.


I did inquire about programming iAssist, let’s face it – no one is looking for more stress with tech. Browne will come to your restaurant and set it all up for you. Talk to your Territory Manager if you need more information.


That’s a wrap for this year. We share our heartfelt thanks with everyone who came to celebrate with us. We were thrilled to have you join us!  As Elvis would say, “thank you, thank you very much.”




Explore Our Food Show through Photos: 






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Schneiders Raised Pulled Meats

Schneiders Canadian Farm-Raised Pulled Meats

Three sandwiches with schneiders pulled meats on buns and toppings



Made with Natural Ingredients


Like many, I've been enjoying Schneiders products for years.  I am happy to share that their pulled meats are delicious!  Convenient and something you can confidently serve your guests.  They are fully cooked (or perhaps I should say slow-roasted for several hours), and they don't come with any sauce which allows you to get creative and make them your own.  


One of my favourite features is that all the pork, beef and chicken are Canadian.  The sentiment to support local is higher than ever, make sure you let your customers know that you are purchasing Canadian farm-raised meats.



• Canadian Farm Raised pork, beef, and chicken
• No sauce added - versatile
• No preservatives* or artificial flavours
• Fully Cooked - ready for use
• Convenient pack size
• Gluten Free
• Slow-roasted to keep flavour in



Looking for some inspiration?


Piri Piri Pulled Chicken Wraps


Schneiders pulled chicken piri piri wraps on a wood background


Spicy piri piri seasoned Canadian pulled chicken wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla with lettuce, peppers and red onion, finished with a lemon vinaigrette and fresh cracked black pepper.


Get the Recipe




Italian Beef Sandwich with Goat Cheese & Red Peppers


Pulled beef sandwich with onions goat cheese and toppings on a white plate


Here’s a hearty sandwich that requires no cooking at all—but is loaded with flavourful ingredients and vibrant colours.



Get the Recipe




Contact your sales representative today for more information.





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